Water Treatment Plants

With growing environmental concerns and regulations, waste water treatment is necessary to constantly enhance the discharge standards and lower environmental threats; Shiva Global Environmental Pvt. Ltd. offers water treatment plant for treatment of industrial waste water. As pioneer in water treatment plant, the company offers PLC based water treatment plant along with filtration systems, softening equipment, water purifier and RO systemto cater to varying process necessities.All these systems and plant are designed to deliver consistent performance.The plant makes sure the harmful chemicals are properly removed from the water before it is discharged into the environment. The reasons why industries should use water treatment plant areprevention of disturbances, reusing waste water, maintaining clean water, survival of marine life and other natural life and conservation of water.
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Media Filtration System

Product Details:

1) Material : Stainless steel or carbon steel
2) Type : Conditioner
3) Largest diameter of partical separation : 1.5/2/3/6/10/16mm

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Swimming Pool Filtration System

Product Details:

1) Color : Blue
2) Maximum working temperature : 50 degree centigrade
3) Maximum working pressure : 2.5 bars

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Water Demineralization Plant

Price: 168000 INR/Unit

Product Details:

1) Usage : Water filter
2) Automatic Grade : Semi-Automatic
3) Installation Service : Yes
4) Color : White

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Water Softeners

Price: 38000 INR/Unit
  • Supply Ability:1 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
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Water Softening Plant

Price: 55000 INR/Unit

We provide an array of Dual Media Filters, which are utilized for the removal of turbidity, suspended solids and few part of odor and colors if treated carbon is utilized along with fine sand, from water & waste-water. The filters offer much expeditious particle separation under the states of high filtration rate. These have provisioned with air scouring for managing the operation of high flow pressure vessel.

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DM With Mix Bed Unit

Price: 158000.00 INR/Unit

Product Details:

1) Power : 500 W
2) Automation Grade : Automatic, Semi-Automatic
3) Capacity Inlet Flow Rate (cubic meter/hour) : 500
4) Voltage Required : 380 V
5) Type : Ion Exchangers

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Industrial Water Treatment Plant

Price: 98000 INR/Unit
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
  • Supply Ability:10 Per Month
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Ultrafiltration Systems

Price: 420000.00 INR/Unit

Product Details:

1) Feature : PLC control
2) Installation Type : Completes Civil work with Installation, Prefabricated, Containerized Plug and Play
3) Voltage : 220V/380V/50 Hz
4) Treatment : Ultrafiltration system
5) Perating temperature : 25 deg C
6) Installed Power : 2000KW

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Water Ozonators

We deal in Water Ozonators, which are particularly engineered devices incorporated with the aerators at the end of their hose. Inserted in the water, food or oil, the setups add small amount of ozone and result in a oxidizing or sanitizing effect. These take out viruses & bacterias with a surprising speed as well as strong penetrating effect.

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Industrial Water Purifier

Product Details:

1) Installation Services Required : Yes
2) Type : Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic
3) Type Of Machines : RO, UV, Sand Filtration, Ultra Filtration

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UV Water Purifiers

We offer UV Water Purifiers, which come with ultra-modern UV technology to disinfect the water and make it clean by removing deadly viruses and bacteria. Appropriate for the purification of tap water as well as municipal corporation's water, these remove viruses, dead bacteria and cysts and provide 100% pure and safe drinking water, which is perfect for consumption.

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Raw Water Treatment Plant

Price: 140000.00 INR/Unit

Treating raw water is often a static procedure. Offered Raw Water Treatment Plant is peculiarly engineered to adapt undulations in treatment requirements. The plant is efficient, well-designed and is capable to handle seasonal variances in flow and turbidity. Moreover, it is also capable to deal with the variations in water chemistry demands and needful chemical volumes adjustments.

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Industrial Water Purification Systems

Product Details:

1) Installation Services Required : Yes
2) Type : Automatic, Manual, Semi-Automatic
3) Type Of Machines : RO, UV, Sand Filtration, Ultra Filtration

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant

Product Details:

1) Flow Range: 250 Liters per Hour(LPH) to 200 Kilo Liters Per Hour (KLPH)
2) Material: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) / Stainless Steel (SS) / Mild Steel Rubber, Epoxy Lining (MSRL/MSEL)
3) Capacity: 260 LPH to 210 Meter Cube
4) Automatic Grade : Automatic
5) Color : Blue
6) Capacity : 0.5T/H to 150T/H, offer the best price base on the capacity

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plants

Product Details:

1) Capacity (litres per hour) : 500-1000
2) Chiller Cooling Capacity (Tons) : 2 ton,1 ton,1.5 ton,0.5 ton
3) Max Water Recovery Rate :55-60 %
4) Number Of Filtration Passes : >5
5) Number of Membranes in RO : 4,1,3,2
6) Operation Mode : Automatic
7) Types Of Machines : Reverse Osmosis Unit

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Industrial RO Plant

Product Details:

1) Material : Steel, FRP
2) Operation Mode : Automatic
3) Color : Blue


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