Sewage Treatment Plants
Our sewage treatment plants offer effective treatment to remove solid materials, suspended and dissolved organic materials etc. And they treat water to the specific standards. We provide complete solution for effluent treatment and sewage treatment etc. There is efficient chemical, physical and biological treatment, based on innovative technologies. Also, we keep up with cost-effective sewage treatment systems for domestic and commercial uses.
Wastewater Treatment Plants
Wastewater Treatment Plants are essential for making water acceptable for a particular use. They are effective in drinking water treatment, waste-water and polluted water treatment. Our plants and services are customized to project requirements, and we keep up with better space utilization, reduced sludge generation and low power requirements. They are applicable in industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, and more.
Wastewater Recycling Plant
Wastewater Recycling Plant offers increased water recovery with minimized waste-water discharge. Our designed systems are essential for water reuse goals. This plant help various businesses in discharge and water reuse demands. They are developed to offer better management of water. Our Wastewater Recycling Plants are affordable, robust, and effective for challenging waste-water utilization.
Oil Skimmers
In order to remove grease and oil from water, organizations use oil skimmers. These robust, simple machines function at low operating cost without use of any filter. Suitable for any liquid, these compact machines operate without making any noise.

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